Pre-Employment Screening

C.F.I. guarantees a tailor made assessment package to aid in employment selection decisions through the use of the M-PULSE Matrix Inc. Model and other normalized and validated instruments specifically designed for selection of law enforcement officers. Psychological evaluations for pre-employment selection are based on a scientific actuarial assessment of potentials for risk in may different key areas for law enforcement.

This cutting-edge procedure allows for the establishment of norms and averages in your department and or policing region. The goals of this assessment procedure are to limit organizational liability and remove clinical and emotional judgment from the psychological pre-employment assessment procedure. C.F.I. guarantees concise and prompt psychological reports based on testing that complies with the laws, regulations, and POST standards to aid in hiring decisions

Background Checks

Providing accurate and timely information through the use of highly trained investigators gives your organization necessary historical data to aid in employment decisions. C.F.I. investigators have a wide variety of professional and law enforcement investigative experience. All background checks comply with POST standards in the state of California for the hiring of law enforcement officers, and can be tailored to the requirements, budget, and needs of your department background investigations for dispatchers, community service officers and other positions can be customized to fit your needs. C.F.I. strives to provide the most accurate information in a timely fashion to aid your department

Law Enforcement Research

The California Forensic Institute is continuously conducting state-of-the-art research to learn more about safety, survival, and effectiveness in law enforcement and criminal justice settings. These include:

  • Police and security training issues
  • The identification of hazards and improvised explosive devices
  • Performance under high-stress and high-hazard tactical conditions including:
    • Counterterrorism environments
    • Eyewitness memory and testimony
    • Modern approaches to polygraphy
CFI research supports police and homeland security operations, using proven methods and the latest research technology. CFI provides the law enforcement and criminal justice communities with empirically-based research to enhance and optimize safety, performance, and effectiveness.

CFI also offers research-based education, training, and expert consultation which, like CFI research, is designed to reduce liability, improve officer and public safety, and develop more effective and efficient police and security operations.


We provide training for the following:

  • Resiliency
  • Critical Incident Stress
  • Debriefings
  • Navigating Stressful Times
  • Working With the Mentally Ill Suspects
  • Anger Management
  • Parenting
  • Healing Your Marriage Workshop
  • Intensive Treatment for PTSD