Dr. Jana Price-Sharps

Dr. Price-Sharps is a licensed psychologist specializing in police psychology. She is the CEO and founder of the California ForensicInstitute, Inc. (CFI). She has worked collaboratively with law enforcement to provide training to hostage negotiators develop joint trainings betweenHostage Negotiators, SWAT, and EMTservices, mental health training to police chaplaincy programs, and stress reduction strategies to undercover operatives and crime analysts. She is also currently a professor in the field of forensic psychology.

Dr. Matthew J. Sharps

Professor Matthew J. Sharps teaches forensic cognitive science, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and the history of psychology at California State University, Fresno. His research focuses on eyewitness memory, shoot/no-shoot decisions, and training for IED detection. Prof. Sharps has also researched the cognitive processes involved in “paranormal” eyewitness events and superstitious behavior. Dr. Sharps is available for consultation on eyewitness memory and cognition, shoot/no-shoot issues (including those of officer-involved shootings), cognitive processes in law enforcement and IED detection training, and related issues.

What is M-Pulse

M-PULSE, short for MatrixPredictive Uniform Law enforcement SelectionEvaluation, is a standardized method of data collectionIt includes a background questionnaire, standardized psychometric instruments, and a structured interview.

M-PULSE is unique in that it is the only pre-employment screening method that provides two response validity scales.twenty empirical scales, eighteen liability scales (that relate to the prediction of officer misconduct)and ten scales that relate toCalifornia P.O.S.T PsychologicalScreening dimensions.

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Dr. Jana Price-Sharps
Police Psychologist